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LineDancer is
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The action of lures and baits of all kinds are significantly improved with the use of the LineDancer®. Prior to its development anglers could only create the action it produces by manually manipulating the fishing line with a finger while retrieving the bait. LineDancer® has been field-tested by professional fishermen, guides and outdoor writers; all have endorsed its effectiveness. It is not only an effective device for experienced anglers, but it is an exceptionally helpful tool for beginners. It is so simple to operate someone just learning to fish can use a LineDancer®. LineDancer® works great with Fresh and Saltwater Hard Bait Lures, Soft Bait Lures, and Live Bait too!

LineDancer® works great with:
Hard Crankbaits - Deep to Shallow Divers
Lipless Crankbaits
Spinnerbaits Buzzbaits
Topwaters Poppers Frogs
Soft Plastics - Worms Craws Grubs Lizards Creature Baits
Spoons - All Types
Jigs - All Types

LineDancer® can help you catch more:
And Many Saltwater Gamefish!

Easy of install - Easy to use
Built To Last - Stainless Steel Construction
Enjoy dramatic increases in lure action and line sensitivity
Made in USA
For Spinning Rods & Reels
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